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The most beautiful amateur cycling race in the world deserves the most beautiful website.

Project overview
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Designed, developed and deployed the global digital branding for all 20 events in the "L'Etape by Tour de France" series around the world.

The Tour de France is known throughout the world. It is a global brand that immediately evokes mythical images of stages in the Alps or the Pyrenees. How do you bring this DNA into the digital ecosystem of the L'Etape by Tour de France series, the competition that allows bike enthusiasts to ride a cycling stage 'like the Tour de France'?

L'Etape by step

Yes, it is possible to participate in a stage of the Tour de France as an amateur cyclist almost anywhere in the world.

Problem: design and technical management are not always coherent. Each event has its own design and website. Impossible to centralize the data, to improve the knowledge on the visitors and the participants to the Etape by Tour de France.


Make l'Etape by a real travel destination for cycling fans by presenting all the events on a hub and each world stage on a dedicated site administered by each licensee. The global image is coherent and the data consolidated on a worldwide level.

IT challenge

The websites of the digital ecosystem L'Etape By Tour de France are built on ROZ, the agency's CMS designed on the Symfony framework. The architecture allows to manage the hub and the licensees' sites in multilingual. The hub automatically aggregates some information from the licensees' sites.

A hub and 20 licensed sites that make you want to get on your bike and travel the world.

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