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In 4 years, La Redoute has changed everything to become competitive and desirable again.

Project overview
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La Redoute is a beautiful story. It's the story of a pioneer in home shopping who made his digital revolution to survive. Today, La Redoute is one of the top 10 e-tailers in France and the brand is back in the hearts of the French.

Our work

Design the digital brandguide of La Redoute to harmonize all the web components and find the balance between own brands and marketplace.

Own Brands
 vs Marketplace

How to value own brands like La Redoute Interiors and La Redoute Collection alongside the millions of references on the marketplace?  
The dilemma could be summarized as "margins vs. volumes". We have found a balance with strong branding and UX choices.

Aligning digital branding

It doesn't matter if it's our own brands or a marketplace: the visitor is on the website.

We thought of the new digital charter as a whole, allowing each entity to develop its own actions while respecting the global codes. Our work focused on the main path: home > product list > product page > checkout.



The digital brand guide has enabled La Redoute's digital teams (marketing, design, tech) to harmonize the various components of the ecosystem: mobile application, website, brand stores, private sales, etc. Today, La Redoute offers a consistent experience across all touchpoints.

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